Falls the Shadow

“The well paced thriller gets better with each act, leading to a strong, impressively staged climax. Its greatest asset may be Kevin Eslinger’s cinematography, which gives the post-doomsday South a bleak, haunted beauty.” -Steven Hale, The Nashville Scene

“Well made thriller with great creatures, action, and storyline.”Premiere

“It’s a beautiful version of the zombie genre.” -Helen Huang, Showtime

DVD CoversThree years after the War, the United States is destroyed. Civilization has devolved into anarchy and tribalism. A soldier, Michael, finally comes home, only to find his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped. Accompanied by a disparate group of survivors, he leads the hunt to find his kidnapped daughter and kill the Reverend whose neo-Confederate tribe was responsible. Falls the Shadow is a story of hope, love, and the power of community for good and evil, set in the wasteland remains of the South.